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Welcome to Buddy’s Garage, your best destination for automotive repairs in Edmonton and surrounding area. Our automotive repair shop can handle all your maintenance and repair needs in one place, ensuring that one simple call gets you the service you need.


At Buddy’s our technicians utilize the right part to make your vehicle run smoothly. From general
maintenance, transmission services, brake services, exhaust and even complicated electrical, our
technicians are committed to making sure that your vehicle runs the way it should.


Our team has over 50 years of expertise to handle all of your automotive needs in one convenient place with affordable prices. Our technicians use the highest quality equipment and the most modern techniques and technologies to ensure that you and your vehicle are up and running in the least amount  of time.

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16915 111 Ave. Edmonton
Alberta, T5M 2S4

Tel: 780-443-0283

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Electrical Diagnostics

Vehicle Inspections including

  Out of Province Inspections

Tires & Tire Storage

Wheel Alignment

Custom Exhaust

Braking System



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